About us

Videotron Gems & Jewellers

Was established in the year 1992 . Within a short span of time the Company captures overseas market in the field of Creating Beautiful and Manufacturing High Quality one of a kind of Silver jewellery set with fine quality of Gemstones , Fossils and minerals from around the World..

Export Market

Its export markets are spread over countries like the USA , UK , Germany, Spain, Italy , France , Austria , Greece ,Australia and most of the Europian countries ..


What do we have?

We have a wide selection of Gemstone Jewellery set in Sterling Silver (92.5) . Pendants, Rings, Earrings, Bracelets, Necklaces, Brooches, Cufflinks and more..


How do we create our jewellery ?

We keep the whole process of Manufacturing , Creating and Exporting jewellery in our own hands.
We Manufacture all the Jewellery at our Factory in India (Pune) , the Jewellery is hand Made By Finest Silver Smiths in the World .

Innovative techniques, the company assures its customers with unique masterpieces. With sample amount of capital being spent on the artisans and comprehensive Manufacturing unit, we do not compromises with the Quality aspect at any step.

Due to its stringent quality check procedures, that the company has earned devoted & trustworthy clients. We have a dedicated team of 150 highly qualified professionals of talented craftsmen and designers having indomitable and unflinching faith in their vision accompanied by perseverance and hard work enabling them to have a firm grip on manufacturing and exporting orders.

The Company prepares its products on order basis and fulfills the order in time..



Creating models, Selecting gemstones from different parts of the world, Producing the jewellery in our     factory in India…

We are using a wide range of Natural gems to Create Exciting jewelry.  We specialize in designing one of a kind  Jewellery Pieces and strive to constantly evolve the look and quality of our designs ,

Creating one of a kind Jewellery allows us to utilize very rare and unusual materials, for instance our more celestial designs will include rare meteorites, tektides and moldavites to offer our customers

This way we work enables us to offer beautiful highest quality of Silver Jewellery in gemstones for very Reasonable Prices..


Our Strengths

· Highest Quality Of Silver Jewellery With Fine Quality Of Gemstones
· Exclusive Designs
· Excellence of Service
· Superb Craftsmanship
· Latest machines and updated manufacturing techniques
· Delivery on Time
· Reasonable Prices at Competitive rates


Shipping / Couriers

As soon as the Orders are ready, which generally takes appx 15 days from date of order placed , We send the goods By Fedex and it reaches your doorstep with 4 to 5 working days ..



All Payments Via Credit Card or Bank Transfer (T.T.)